Kenn Colt played at the entrance to an exclusive Club Versuz

a1cbcf6e8b2725bac974a501586fc1f5 - Kenn Colt played at the entrance to an exclusive Club Versuz

The Belgian dj and producer, Kenn Colt, is, as a resident of one of the really make a difference in the Has, Club Versuz, but due to the corona virus will remain in the lives, once even till the end of August will be closed. “It was a topzomer, but the action on the virus, all of the parties and mass events is forbidden. Not a new one, passing in Either the play or the Hungarian Balaton Sound, I will have to continue for a while. I’ve stopped using the account of the war orders.”

Kenn Colt broke last week that the peace that already is in control of the site, it Has a Park view. With a couple of friends of his bubble, he took over at the entrance of the Club Versuz 2-dj-set in the MODEL program #HalloLimburg. “Coronaproof, of course, we took into account all of the rules and regulations. It was a strange experience, because it will usually allow me to run it for a dance crowd that comes to have a good time. As a effect, and without any of the people. It felt very strange about it, but I have to admit, I was very good to watch. The results are a 2 and a surprising dj-sets, 2 times for 10 minutes with a varied mix, which, of course, my own songs were missing from it. In the MODEL program #HalloLimburg to be the set for 2 months after each broadcast.”