In usa, the net regularly puts Hope in new music video

ba15c47acb0ff7cabc342f1d45e27a75 - In usa, the net regularly puts Hope in new music video

While the appointment is a crisis for artists to have little to do. A radio or TV interview. New songs and practicing. The Live is on Facebook. And that’s about it. Ida de Nijs from the Netherlands, and the music is a song of HOPE, and put it on the plate. De Showbizz-Site, notifying you of the new single, and now there is even a video clip. Made in Ida’s own domain, it would still be a risky business. Sammy Bruggeman, who stopped making videos because he and his wife, Petra, Lerutte (They) are too busy with their catering to “The Four Crowned,” in Moerzeke, came out of his room.

For the Ida, and because the company’s been silent for this was he wanted to get one more time in the regisseurstoel to sit down. With a camera and a bag full of material, and all he was at a safe distance from Ida, a beautiful, silent video clip of a particular song. “Hope” was written by rick Peters, to the World, Kankerdag, but it is in the immediate vicinity of any patients, and especially for the victims of the Corona, which is also a heart under their belt.