From July 1, welcome to the Plopsaparken

56f1061c7e95c2e0f842957597349345 - From July 1, welcome to the Plopsaparken

The theme park Plopsaland De Panne, will open on Wednesday, July 1, to re-open its doors to the public at large. The Belgian Plopsa-parks, Plopsaqua De Panne, Plopsa Indoor Hasselt and Plopsa Coo, will be accessible to the public. This decision was taken after a green light from the un Security council, of 3 June, in order to amusement parks back open from the 1st of July. Hill over the past year have worked hard to get her to the parks in a safe and secure manner, accessible to the public. For Extra hygiene, a few feet away, a small bezoekerscapaciteit, and the obligatory on-line reservation is the norm. The sale of tickets for The theme park Plopsaland de Panne is starting today.

“We expected the doors to be today, the 8th of June, to open it up. The National Security council has decided to have a different opinion, but it does mean, however, that the theme park Plopsaland De Panne for coronaproof, and all of the safety precautions have been taken.”, according to Steve Van den Kerkhof, CEO of Plopsa Group. “Safety is always our top priority. To be taken in a fun way for our visitors to we have a campaign called ” Welcome to the Plopsafstand set up an informative how-to video with Samson and Marie. In this way, we are confident that our guests will also be within these times in a safe, fun day of Enjoying the offer.” Visitors can be pre-requested for the use of tickets-date and to make a reservation, view of the park, there are a limited number of visitors, access to measures of social distancing is optimal to be able to guarantee it. “It is necessary for you to visit, book your ticket online to date via our website to book in advance.”, the decision Of the Cemetery. The sale of tickets for the theme park Plopsaland De Panne, which is today accessible through the web site.