Check out the first images of the new Flemish Canvas-a series of Fantastic

Check out the first images of the new Flemish Canvas-a series of Fantastic

At the beginning of next year, you can get the Canvas to look at the tragi-comedy fiction series to the Allies, and about ten, in fact, people who take part in a afslankingskamp in the belgian Ardennes. The series was created by filmmaker Wannes Destoop and actor, Dominique Van Malder (Radio Gaga), who is also the protagonist of the series. The Albatros was manufactured by a company in The World (Bevergem), and from 1 July in the preview monitor to Play, and Play More of a Provider. Below, you can get a first taster of view.

From the beginning, it appears that the members of the afslankingskamp ‘Hotel’ is not just physical, but also emotional excess pounds with the take. It is easy to get to heavy on it. The participants will be physically challenged with a little subtle coaching. But it is also the groepstherapeute look into their souls and try to bring them out of their comfort zone to pick it up. The protective layers with which they are in the outside world, and the city in the distance stopped, as one by one, been taken away. The former obese heart and soul of the camp, to whom they can look up to, are not to be trusted and seems to have a dark secret, with the show to carry on.

The makers managed an impressive ensemble cast to collection by the Flemish and Walloon artists. Dominique Van Malder (Radio Gaga), Ruth Beeckmans, Studio Tarara), Benny’s Place (Grew), François Neycken (Défendre Public, Hilde Destoop (Steve+Sky), Isabelle Van Hecke (Bevergem), Marjan De Schutter (Professor, T), by Thierry Janssen-La Trêve), Titus Muizelaar he Tillmans account for the ten-zwaarlijvigen the fight against being overweight.

It is a team of innovative coaches of the camp will be portrayed by Tom Ternest (Own production), Janne Desmet Studio Tarara), and George and jan-michiel Hessels (Radio Gaga).
The script is Fantastic and was written by Dominique Van Malder, Wannes Destoop, Gilles Coulier and Tom Dupont, accompanied by Willem Wallyn.