Sandra Bekkari, the victim of the scammers

Sandra Bekkari, the victim of the scammers

Sandra Bekkari was right around Mother’s day, a victim of the scam. The former televisiegezicht was Mother’s day, prizes will be distributed via social media, but someone had to make a nepaccount made, and tried to follow Bekkari on the lights.

“It’s very strange, they used my name and my pictures. She wrote down my followers, to let them know that she is in the Mother’s day action and win. But to get to the prize, and asked them all kinds of information, including the contact information for their credit card. But it is that very quickly,” witness Sandra Bekkari at All.

The perpetrators in the meantime, still no trace of him. “Suddenly, that profile is gone, and you will find that there is absolutely nothing of this,” said Sandra Bekkari. According to her, similar in the vain hope that the perpetrators are still to be found.

Two years ago, Sandra’s name is also misused in order to diet pills to promote them. “Well, there couldn’t be a consequence to that,” sighs Sandra Bekkari at All.