Regi Penxten: “this summer is, after all, has already lost”

Regi Penxten: "this summer is, after all, has already lost"

In the winter, it is common these days, everywhere. A few weeks ago, it appeared on the album “Remember The Time”, his first English album ever made. For in the winter are the busy times, he has had quite a few interviews on his schedule, and he is at home with a wife and two children.

In the winter, it is very happy with his family. “I am very happy that I have two kids and I, he told us earlier in the Story. “It is known to be the oldest, that not everything on her is all about.” A daughter, Ellie-Martha is not in her mind, that observed the tv-watching Flanders, at the Radio 2 summer Hit in 2018 when Showbizz Bart asked her how old she was. Ellie-you always had that question have already been given, during the final dress rehearsal, and so responded to it very, very, very witty. “I’m 5 years old, but I just said”.