Peter Goossens, re-open the Hof van Cleve

f466a5645d0c6d385315ad0d2a38eec5 - Peter Goossens, re-open the Hof van Cleve

Next Tuesday is going to be the best Belgian restaurant will re-open. And then, of course, to the famous Hof Van Cleve by Peter Goossens. Instead of the usual 12 tables are set up in the case, you will only have 9 tables that are available.

Since a couple of days to walk to the hotel back. “The reservations are in, the people are full of confident of food. June walks in, and there are already bookings in October is chosen”, he said in the VTM News.

Hof Van Cleve, has as many as 25 personeeleden who are on unemployment, and it is at 70% of their basic pay terugvielen. Tuesday night, open Court, behind the royal palace, for the first time in three months, the doors to the public. “The impact has been huge, and this is revenue that is not coming back, it’s going to be a few of the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the most important thing is that we are there for our customers”, says the chef, from the VTM NEWS.