Only the Knight can be Really Antwaarps Teater in the game.

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Battle-weary and don’t feel like it in the comments, because he is too tired to feel at ease in what he describes as a “major depressive episode”, so it sounds like Ruud, De Ridder, was the spiritual father and founder of the Real Antwaarps Teater (to EAT). This is in stark contrast to how he was a couple of years earlier, still glowing to do, he and his company have been honored for their 35-year anniversary and his 65th birthday. As with The guinea pigs, in the company of the “at Home” -actress for Daphne Paelinck is in full coronatijden the cloth to EAT. After the closing of their theatre, targeted Faculty, and his wife, Nicole Laurent on the revenue generated from the traveling shows, and that they are of the house of Arenberg programmed, but when it came to the corona, and put the ticketverkopen.

The Knight has been a fixture in Antwerp’s theatre. The 68-year-old father of Faculty is the driving force. As a writer, director and actor, he is one of the founders of the popular theatre plays, tv-series and ‘Bompa’, ‘ ” Chez Bompa Lawijt and Three men, all under one roof. He has published more than 140 pieces, and the next year it is 40 years ago, and that he is the Real Antwaarps Teater set up.

The private was a Faculty of one, married to the now deceased actor, and choreographer, Jane, Peter, is also the mother of Linda, and in Front of The Knight. After the divorce, re-married Faculty with Nicole Lawrence and he adopted her 2 biological children, a Girl and Anke. At that time, it was the relationship with Linda, and his son, Sven, is already below the freezing point drops. It was painful, how the Website and the Job is in the media, each other and are constantly in the tie did so with a devastating round. The familieruzie, which reached a climax when the Faculty two years ago, in his biography of uithaalde to the Front and open to the accusation was, that his son could not be verkroppen that the children of Nicole, a claim that could, at a later inheritance. Earlier this year, Sven has already said goodbye to the EAST, where his father was a brilliant result as he was by his colleagues, and was off to his own Job as The Knight Company and to set up. On the opening night of the ” Creme Glace’ War was a Faculty in any of the fields of the city.