Jack Is the best.. once again for Visiting the carnival

a6688b90092ed0e90d27514ed3f34067 - Jack Is the best.. once again for Visiting the carnival

Jack Kazaltzis to shift Monday night-limits. As the Final dream of a carnival, he is thinking of Rio De Janeiro, brazil. Celebrate in the sun, beautiful bare bodies, and the samba! Sorry to say. Why cross the ocean when it’s closer to home? Aalst, belgium has submitted the fantastic three-day event was declared a world heritage site, so it draws the Final Kazaltzis East-Flanders, belgium for this phenomenon, a closer look at them.

For a lot of Aalstenaars Carnival is an addiction, but there is no one outside of Brussels that it is fully understood. Jack wants to do this, however, can be understood, therefore, immerses himself in the world of the Oijlsters Page. He has lived in the Prince’s Carnavalverkiezing on, the two are dedicated to the people, and for a day at the voil janet. The question is whether Jack can leave to the heart of this festival of bad taste. Because, face it: bad outfits, and carnavalsmuziek do not belong to Jack’s party building.