Warm and sunny, and forbidden Summit Limited exclusively to go

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The Corona has in the whole of the Flemish showbiz paralysed but the girl group’s Top Pops will not throw in the towel. The ladies have a new single ready for. This song is for the first time, and it will be in the mercury this summer is considerably increased.

In the past few months have been for 4 nice female on Top, Pops a lot. At the beginning of march, they were in the studio for some new material to sing, and then the 2 of them have the symptoms of the Covid-19-the virus got in. They have put themselves in quarantine, and at the same time they are fully recovered. The young ladies sit down again, full of energy, and we can’t wait to make each and every festival, every function will be turned upside down and have one hell of a summer single is included.

The title of this fine, up-tempo number ‘the first time’. And we all know how hot and spicy female singers in the history of the southern part of Spain and is a very passionate night and had a vakantieliefje where they are in their hearts will be lost…. and so much more.

A hot topic, but because of the way the Top Pops of the song together, they create something with love. The issue is with the passion, work, and the end result sounds beautiful. The voices of We, Kim, Teresa, and Kelly is a perfect fit for each other, and that’s what makes the ‘first time’, a single which you will be very happy with.
Top of Pops for the great songs from the eighties are in for a re-vamp. They did well for the first time done. The song was in the us in the 80’s, is already off the charts, sung by Katrina and The Waves. It was then That te quiero”, and that the Spanish we hear in the versions of the Top Pops.