These are hectic times for the Roos Van Acker

These are hectic times for the Roos Van Acker

Roos Van Acker has been for several years as a lecturer at the Thomas More university College in Mechelen, belgium, where they are spoken communication, gives to the students that the ‘Media and Entertainment Business will follow.

However, since all the physical classes had been canceled for the coronacrisis have Roos Van Acker is now 180 or so video entries to view.

“The nature of my profession, students must normally be in a tv format pitching and that they had come up with in command of a company. Now, we will not physically be able to see it, I have all of my students will be asked to make their presentation, and for me to send it in. I know what to do in the next few weeks,” says the former tv presenter.

Also, for the teachers, it was the coronacrisis fall asleep. “Everything had to be digital, and I’ve had my lockdowndagen mostly spent time with my students. I was happy to see that, so could I ask what was the matter with them, give them a cheer them up and motivate them to get on with it, no matter how difficult, too,” said Roos Van Acker in a Story.