Nathalie Meskens in spite of horrormomenten: “I can whine”

Nathalie Meskens in spite of horrormomenten: "I can whine"

A little over two months ago, to put Nathalie Meskens again to her first child in the world. Daughter, but, according to the presenter, a well-behaved child. Saturday, went out with the actress and tv presenter, together with her daughter to the barber shop. “This is a really sweet girl!!!I walk really is about falling in love, ‘” writes Nathalie Meskens on Instagram. “She’s so chill,even here in the past. If they ask me, ‘is it always so quiet?’ I answer, blushing and very proud to be a “yes senne” when they are, of course, every now and then from her hole, as she is a hongertje has a bv of “the pap”ni fast enough for her”.

Nathalie Meskens verbloemt the truth is in the direction of the world, but as a new mother, she, of course, even the lesser moments in between all of the positive things in her life have changed. “How wonderful it is that the breastfeeding by the way ??I was so looking forward to it and it has all and more of the bliss that I am it had been. Ok, yes,those first few weeks are a pain in the nipple area at times, the horror of hell. However, if the pain is once, the way it is …and I can still cry at the fact that there comes a time that it will end at some point…so nice, so special, so wonderful, that breastfeeding, and the release of the numerous and impressive benefits that this will have on the health and development of both your child and yourself …how easy is that? Always have food and drink at the perfect temperature, and”, he laughs, Nathalie Meskens.