Mathias Vergels is ready for the recording of ‘Home’

Mathias Vergels is ready for the recording of 'Home'

Next Monday will start the shooting of ‘Home’ once again. In the past few months, it was very quiet in the studio ‘at Home’ in Leuven, belgium but it was in the last couple of days everything is ready for the recording process. The board of directors of the public broadcasting service gave the green light, and that means that the “at Home” there, as of Monday, August 31, pending weather. Mathias Vergels, and the rest of the cast is going to have one, and another one starting on Monday, otherwise it will expire. “I’m not so much. The filmtempo that we are running, there is a lot less than you normally would. Everything, every time, to be disinfected, and everything takes so much more time-consuming,” said Mathias Vergels Saturday afternoon in the Wim Leys at BNL.