Stef Poelmans and Donaat Deriemaeker bring in ‘Flanders ‘ Sings’ to the tv

4cadd145b121de2877053e745da94a08 - Stef Poelmans and Donaat Deriemaeker bring in 'Flanders ' Sings' to the tv

Flanders is Singing to let the audience year after year, along with a well-known and the mostly Dutch-speaking area. They do this in many squares across the whole of Flanders. Last year, it was in the 50’s, cities and towns have a meezingevenement Flanders Singing will be organised. Everyone who comes along gets a in the presence of a free newspaper with The Latest News and the song lyrics. Venues as St. Bavo’s at Ghent Festivities, the Old Market square in Leuven in belgium, and in the Dim Zuiderdokken in Antwerp, belgium, are the stuff of legend now. In Antwerp, to sing when the weather is nice, as around 20,000 people. This year, it is likely that the celebrations will not all be able to take place. A lot of it will depend on the following decisions of The un Security council. The finger is on the pulse, but it is not seen. PLACEMENT of TV’s year after year, along with Radio 2 and The News – media partner of the organization, and is now producing a TV-version, along with the organization.

Marc Dhollander of Flanders, Singing and Marc Hallez of the BASEMENT, took the bull by the horns.
Marc Dhollander: “A summer without it, Flanders is Singing now. I’ve noticed that it’s not only for myself but also for many of the organisers and, especially, for us, a lot of attention in a tolerable way it was. And it was also Ment like that. Many years unite all those who are in the music. We were there after 1 brief phone does not have to agree that it is a TV issue for the obvious.’