Ruud, De Ridder, doekt Really Antwaarps Teater in

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The coronacrisis turn rock hard in the performing arts. Friday, it announced that Ruud, De Ridder, he’s the jack off it’s Really Antwaarps Teater draw. The Theatre is in a poor paper. Financially, it is not going well, and there is no money to be still in production, do so.

“As the fortieth season of the us Antwaarps teater, we must unfortunately make the decision to take the business of the theatre, you have to stop it. The corona virus has provided us with the neck to be done. The tickets sold for the performances in the month of may is being moved to september, is insufficient for all to be able to pay for it. There are no new tickets will be more accepted as a result of the reduction of the number of people in the room. In addition, the interest is very low due to the fact it is public, it remains to be seen. Our shows on the move, we are in no way guaranteed. Nicole and I will be there in the heart, but we are in this moment you have tired, laboured, and exhausted from thinking about how to fix this. We had, subsequent to the closing of our private room, we hoped, hassle-free with our I’ll tour performances, and two of our series on the house of Arenberg, to be able to continue to create. Corona has to have a different opinion ruled!”, writing for The Knight is on Facebook. The actor and director is his integrity. The school is the way he is, he thinks, in the first instance, to their health.