‘Home’: starting with next week’s ‘Taxi Nancy on CHARITY

'Home': starting with next week's 'Taxi Nancy on CHARITY

After the news of the Home recording can start, it is a good news for all the fans: starting next week, youth radio station MNM’s in a Taxi, and Nancy, Home of stories at CHARITY Marathonradio. The six-part series, Taxi, and Nancy’s on Tuesday, June 9, to hear, to CHARITY, and the CHARITY application. CHARITY is the second largest radio station, which is the Most popular of the daily fiction series embraces it: in the past, already been released to Radio 2 in the audiofictiereeks I’m Karin with The Ladies.

Hans-Rays, a producer in the Home: “We have noticed from the comments on social media that the audience’s audio-fiction series” I, Claire, on Radio 2, a nice set to find. And it’s a massive luistercijfers make it clear that this was too much for Flanders, the need to. However, there is still more to do with the Taxi Nancy on CHARITY. Nancy is a character that will have something for everyone and for young and old alike, it is. The idea is to make something special, take a Taxi to Nancy, to do that, sluimerde for quite a while. This is a great opportunity to make that idea a reality, with the CHARITY as a partner of choice.
The OBSERVERS, listeners, and study in Flanders will be held each Tuesday and Thursday during the Marathonradio be able to enjoy a new episode of Taxi, and Nancy. Also, Arabic English dj Peter Van de Veire is looking forward to the series:

“Anyone who does not want to be with, Nancy, of the Home in a taxi there? If it is just to ask what the issue is with the Britneys of the exams. A lot of good that CHARITY during the Marathonradio Taxi to the Nancy games. I was already a fan of the Home-and-Nancy. The perfect oxygen during the blokpauze of our students. And yet another reason to be even just a little bit more Marathonradio to listen to. Day, Nancy!”
Guests in the Taxi, Nancy
In the Taxi Nancy carries Nancy off at Home, a lot of well-known people in her taxi to get to their destination. The result is a six-part series of fascinating discussions, and a custom music:

Actress Ann Pira (Nancy): “of The six, who have rode have been very good better than expected! I think it’s very nice to Nancy, people have to be able to interview you, because it’s amazing what she can get. I’ve also noticed that I like Nancy a lot more, dare to ask the guests, like Ann, because I was behind her all this information. And tell me more!!!! Because I’m Nancy, I can be a lot more like the flapuit respond to it. Like Ann, I think sometimes: “Wow, what do I do now?!”
The charge of driving with Nancy’s take:

Steven Van Herreweghe: “It was a real honor to get a Taxi for Nancy to ride, but it was also one of the safest rides I have ever been in a taxi, I have gone through it. Normally, I only use a taxi cab when I am abroad, and the men understand that I don’t. I was happy that I have Nancy’s, and knew as well that she was in possession of an official driver’s license. Don’t tell anyone, but it is even more fun in real life.”

Willy Sommers: “it’s my pleasure and it’s fun for them to be allowed to drive a Taxi to Nancy’s. What a charming woman! And what a lovely lady! She has a beautiful voice. I have even suggested to switch over to the world of showbiz. So nicely dressed, with her bloemetjeshemdje and a floral skirt. A new star, that’s for sure. Long, Nancy!”