Biezebaaze ensures that, after 17 years, for a good answer to Loetsebolleke

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The Singer-songwriter-Kurt Burgelman, made at the corona, the quarantine is 60 songs. ”Suddenly, we were sitting with the producers, He and Flute: Wouter Van Belle (Axelle Red, New), in the studio, because they were so amazed by our stunt!”

“Scheetse, loetse, bolleke, zoetse, lieveke, schatse, boterkoekske, and wanted to take a click to get married oastemblieft?”, such was the appeal of the Ghent-based band’s Biezebaaze 17 years ago. “If we are now in the Antwerp and Limburg or the Dutch Zeeuws-Vlaanderen will play, as soon as we get him to bet everybody sings along with ” Loetsebollekezoetse’. It was a monsterhit with which we have breakthroughs to the general public. Since then, we have had 2 albums out that have sold well, but never in the mass media, have been met. Our loyal fans are continuing to support it, and are still coming in droves to the shows,” says lead singer, Kurt Burgelman.

In anticipation of more news about Kurt, like his colleagues, still at home. The moment stimulated his creativity, to such an extent that drew the attention of the music His Flute and Wouter Van Belle (Axelle Red, New): “Since the beginning of the coronacrisis told me on a daily basis through social media, it is a new piece of music. In the beginning, I made it to the top of mind to stay in the hope that people might remember if they’re new artists to book for their company parties, and concerts. The response was fabulous. Due to the massive likes and shares, took some of the numbers are already on Facebook, with more than 100,000 views. In the meantime, I’m getting close to 60 new songs, including arrangements of existing, and it was, surprisingly enough, the Loetsebolleke’ k ao’, t nuunt not meuge vroage), which attracted the attention of the Lady referred to. The answer to the question, “do you Want me to get married, please,” comes 17 years later, like, ” Yeah, I was not married to her’. What you hear is not a cover or a remake, but actually a new one, and answer together. Actually, it is the mannenpraat. Toogpraat, but in the lush String, and the language of the world, that we meanwhile, in the whole of Flanders, to know, to appreciate it. Just as with the 1st version, and also this Loetsebolleke’ is a fictitious, fabricated story, with a touch of humor. You are going to indeed be spontaneous smiles (laughs).”