Albert Hammond is playing in Antwerp, and Ostend,

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More than 30 songs that are in our collective muziekgeheugen are carved from the master’s hand-Albert Hammond. The legendary songwriter likes to stop in the Casino of Ostend (8/04/2021) and The Roma (10/04/2021, with his ‘Songbook’ Tour. With the backing of his live band will take the Hammond and the audience on a nostalgic trip through half a century of music!!!

For more than 50 years, the Hammond is the one timeless song, one after the other: “The Air That I Breathe’, ‘When I Need You’, ‘It Never Rains in Southern California, The Free Electric Band… The Gibraltar-born artist sold worldwide, no less than 360 million records. It’s good for a place in The Songwriters Hall of Fame, a lot of Emmy Awards and the prestigious ‘The Ivor Novello Award. He wrote the music for Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, Celine Dion, Chris De Burgh, the Carpenters, and Ace of Base, and Axelle Red.
During the Songbook Tour and dive for Hammond, in-rich songoeuvre dozens of years and several genres, with covers of folk, pop, and rock all over the country, R&b, a charming performer, catapults the audience right from the opening notes of “Freedom Come, Freedom Go” for the ’60s, and a” Gimme
That is Subject to the ’70s and ‘One Moment in Time for the Olympic Games in 1988. In addition to numerous evergreens, he also plays some of the lesser-known gems such as ‘Smokey Factory Blues’, the B-side to his first hit song, or “Praise the Lord And Pass The Soup”, a country-inspired song that he and Johnny Cash wrote and recorded it.