The new single, Lil Minor ft. Ronnie Flex ‘From’

109e71670cbde6bafbefc5b3f1f73453 - The new single, Lil Minor ft. Ronnie Flex 'From'

After their mutual break-through with ‘Drink & drugs’ (2015), it is not only on the unconditional friendship between a Lil Small, and He can Flex up left off, the duo also continues to enjoy making music together. It works, tried and tested 3 years ago, when the ‘Lottery’ (2017) and a big hit with the score. The succestrein Lil Small, is never at a standstill, far from it. Off his recently released album, ‘Boy in The Street, now with more than 100 million streams, which was awarded with the multi-gold and platinum, it will appear that there are now ‘coming From’, with a nice bouncy number that will soon get it in your head a lot.

When the Guy On The Street came out and said, ‘Come’ is immediately set to a high level in the streaminglijsten in a long time. Even though he was sitting with his wife and son, at the moment you are stuck in Dubai, it’s all a Lil Small to be a promotion for his new cd. Did you know that in the Netherlands, he is currently the artist, who was able to make the most of the albumstreams within the next 24 hours to do?