Pictures ‘At the start of the old

Pictures 'At the start of the old

Next Monday will start the shooting of ‘Home’ once again. After a break of almost three months, it will be in the cast of the first episodes for the month of september to start recording. The proefopnames at the beginning of may proved to be very successful, and both the cast and crew of the coronamaatregelen of the National Security council, to comply with them. Therefore, the restart of the recording of the Most popular of the daily fiction series on Monday the 8th of June. While these recordings are best used at the lessons learned from the proefopnames are drawn to it.

Hans-Rays, a producer in the Home: “in The past few weeks, we have a lot of work has been done. In the first evaluation and after the test samples have been very positive, and we can be at Home in a safe and secure manner. We will have the preparations been put in place. The scenarios are coronaproof made in order to allow our actors in a safe and secure way to play. It was a challenge to get everything expedited, ready to get up, but Monday the 8th of June, we will be recording our episodes from this year. We are very happy that we are together at Home, can do it.”