Peter Van de Veire, presents the new Wheel of Fortune

c856fa11b7887ad70feb4330736b6aa4 - Peter Van de Veire, presents the new Wheel of Fortune

With the-L at the moment: the stuff of legend, and langstlopend are the key words for the game of the games, the Wheel of Fortune. The vowels are buying and the other as “Asibille’ O’, ‘Woestijnvis’, ‘Another bill Clinton’ and ‘Bruudruuster’, do you know? It is high time for Flanders to (re) acquaint yourself with what is the most adventurous and the most unpredictable game of the summer is going to be. FOUR of this summer-turned stand out of the crowd and declare that after such a long corona for months, the most popular televisiewinkel in the world to be opened. With the legendary Peter ‘Wheel of tongues’ Of the Veire, as everyone’s favorite winkelheer.

The oerconcept is still there, just as they used to run three candidates in the wheel, and they have money to win as they have the word puzzle to solve. What’s new in The Wheel of FOUR of the Letterzetters’ Peter will not get a permanent assistant, but each episode can be accompanied by a new well-known Typesetter. This Letterzetters ” grow, not only as the letters appear, they also reflect the themes and topics of the vragenrondes.

In addition to the rack and the Wall, the Letters may be “The Store” and, of course, not to be missed. That is a tradition, with lots of wonderful prizes, and everyone had long dreamed of, but never dared to buy it. In the finals, one of which is the candidate the opportunity for a spot of shopping at the Premium section of the store. There are several prizes to the ‘You’ to say to you.