On the contrary, dreams are not always cheating

f8fbaa9f077a00d9e2bc8f9bb751b534 - On the contrary, dreams are not always cheating

Vincent Goeminne know anyone like the man with his collection of crazy hats, The Dinky Toys, and later as a singer in addition to Charel Van Domburg, Wim Soutaer-in-The-Soulbrothers. Eva, Will was already a name as a singer with the Bird. Vocal, they will find each other in this song, it was written by Vincent, Eve, and the well-known celebrity and fashion photographer Zeger Garré. Zeger took out is undoubtedly an inspiration from his corona practice. He survived the disease, as was the case in the Vrt News.

“In my dreams” is a beautiful song, perfectly packed, and full of hope. Zeger said this about it: “After a week’s stay at uzgent land lines, I had to make my feelings and I have stated in the text. Upon my return home, I have my good friend, the musician, Vincent is asked to get together and have a chance to make it.

Vincent was the victim of a covid-19. Along with the beautiful voice of my cousin, the singer, Eva, for this wonderful result to come up!! We are very proud of it!”

The song is available now on Friday the 5th of June.