New loves in the last episode of Temptation Island

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The four couples wanted to know how strong their relationship is, was, and were two weeks of soaking in a tub full of temptation. Each and every one of them had its specific purpose in order to embark on the ultimate relatietest. Friday, looks to the creators, once again, back to that turbulent period of time. Zach: “I don’t miss anything on Record, anything that makes me happy when I’m in the Right here.”
Simone: “I don’t know if I can forgive him. Forget it you’ll never do.’

The creators of Temptation Island is to go after what it is, three months after the last campfire of the participants has been provided. They were an answer to their question? Some of the work is already hard to continue in the future.

Arda: “to be Honest, miss, I currently have nothing at All.’
“I’m still not so hard as familiar as Arda, and there than a so-bescheten come true, and that is something I would never do,” says Every one.

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