Waes was in Paris to escape with his daughter

faa8d94961cb943d4b0fd572c433edb2 - Waes was in Paris to escape with his daughter

Waes has are all well suited to the action. “The fact that everything has to stop, I have time to think about things, and I’ve noticed that in a rat race that I saw. What I like the most is wrong in this moment? My children have. They have been living in the area,” reveals Tom in the Family. All problems with only one of her…

Tom’s son from Rotterdam to Belgium for the rest of the summer, but by the time the French president, Macron has announced that the boundaries are too close, it was a moment of panic in the house of the Waas. His daughter was in Paris for an internship of four months, and he didn’t want her to be there for four months would be.

“I think it was around halfvier the night in my car and crawled inside. At eight o’clock, I was in Paris, at a quarter before twelve we drove to the Belgian border).” Just in time for everything, and in a moment you would die. “Your children, and your parents will not be able to grasp: that is, very much,” said Tom Waes.