‘The second face’ again on tv

'The second face' again on tv

As of tonight, you can get One and enjoy The ‘second face’. The unconditional friendship of the supervisory board Vincke and Verstuyft are going through deep valleys, and when they are faced with a series of grisly murders. A surviving victim, it drives a wedge between the friends when, Verstuyft, falls for her charms. In the meantime, the serial killer has a new victim in his sights…

“The second face” was directed by Jan Verheyen. In addition to Koen De Bouw as a commissioner Vincke, and Werner De Smedt as a Verstuyft are the other Sofie Hoflack, Chris Van den Durpel, Kadèr Gürbüz, Michael Meyer, Frances Lefebure, and Marijke Pinoy shows. The screenplay was written by Carl Joos.