The artists hope for, but maybe a little

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As we have all The Latest News are to be believed, then there will be as of July 1st of performances for the public are held in may. Theatre, film, performing, movie theaters, and it would all have to go back. There would be a maximum of 100 people may be present. These people must also be a sufficient distance to be able to keep up. A screening room with up to 100 people, for they are not perfect, but it’s the biggest tragedy. But in an auditorium of about 800 people, in which only 100 people can be seated, which is far from being cost-effective. Just imagine if 100 people each, £ 29 for a ticket, pay it, and that’s a turnover of 2,900 euro per piece. Of the rent of the venue, the cast, the people, the technology, staff, etc. to pay for. Do you think all 100 people will be in the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater Again? 100 people spread out over 8 stands….

A performance by a Flemish artist, is on a square, it would still be able to, but there seems to us to be relatively small, and that this summer a lot of public appearances in the future. It is for 100 people or less, which promoter is going to see them?