Sam’s Turkey will reopen its doors to The Fakkeltheater

4d98cc6a79b1ac8b8debc28105f09a84 - Sam's Turkey will reopen its doors to The Fakkeltheater

Now, the national security council, and the knot has a great evening, Sam Verhoeven, back to work on productions in The Fakkeltheater. Immediately after the press conference, he left for the theatre producer to know that once again will be played in theatres. “We have to go. Yes, it is – in short, all that… But, we have to be open, and I’m very, very happy about that. We have (theaters, producers, actors, crew) to our respectable audience back to the desire to give back to the theater, you’re going to have! And since we’re in a creative industry, it’s just a little one to be creative, safe solutions!”, wrote to Sam on Wednesday on Facebook.

“From the 10th of August, will open the Torch and again the doors are small projects, taking into account all the safety measures. I can imagine, up to and including september 30, 2020, our venues is available free of charge for you to use. This means up to 100 guests in the Red Room, and up to 65 people in a Black Room. We may, from July 1 to return to play, now is the time to get to each other, and to be of help. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll!”