Linda de Mol is not in Germany

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Linda de Mol is not in Germany

03 June 2020 11:59 am
03-06-20 at 11:59 am
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And Linda de Mol have a great time in Germany, but it is not working anymore, she says in Dutch tv-guide Veronica.

“It was fun, but also a very stressful period of time of more than a dozen years, during which time I have almost all of the major zaterdagavondshows in Germany,” says The Mole.

Feeling homesick, she is not and she is not to go back. “That is something I have often been asked, and there will still be a regular request from Germany. However, I have children, and to do, of course, a lot of those in the Netherlands. As actors, my work in the magazine, in a private station…. A return to the German tv-would I really not go on anymore,” said the 55-year-old tv presenter.