Els the Creator does it, tonight is not the end of

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‘Els the Creator has decided that there will be no end,” is the title of the 14th zaalshow of Els de Schepper. The show tonight is One to be seen.
Els, the Creator, remains in her decision to leave. They will continue to be léven. And how! As of now, Els is just more fun. All of the life in the past few years, regularly in fat talk are distributed to, and already know they don’t where they all have to serve. One thing’s no doubt: Els feels like with a lot of enthusiasm! And she wants to be, you will also burn! And that she will not be on her own to do… So she will get the help of the now legendary ‘Rita, from Ghent, who, this time, her always-optimistic, but that’s political incorrect friend, “the Fat Uncle’ to bring. ‘Little Else’ call the preventielijn and know each other very child-like naivete, all the hearts melt. In addition, there is a deurenkomedie ‘Alder, it is finished!’, which is a complete alter ego, the cast is too good to do it in a hilarious whodunit, in a pure slapstickstijl!
Els looks at it from a hand-built rose-colored glasses to life. And you will also be able to.