A lot of love in this new Day and All

ad57a19e7e7107016530b8c116f93cc5 - A lot of love in this new Day and All

There is not enough love in the world, but… All know that love is the only coronatijden always wins.
As he learn to go up against the virologists
Jean-Marie Dedecker, support a wife in the kankergevecht
“In each of the kuchje Christine, I’m worried’

Race allows you to have a new friend
‘Carl was forced to watch as I have feelings for Nick….having a hard time!’

Goedele Liekens, put it after all the hoopla of the dot on the i
“I’m not, by the party addressed, and Charlie has plenty of, apart’

Their wedding was a piece by the disease
But the Lego-Masters-winners-charlie and Lola’s stay connected
On our scheidingsfeest had friends in the black and in the white