Gene Thomas will come to your room

d17990ebeb1f29e037e54c69ea1a24d3 - Gene Thomas will come to your room

Gene Thomas is running these days in the musical sky. On Friday, the 22nd of may, his brand new 3cd ‘Siege’ and, last Friday, stormed the album is already in the Ultratop Album 50 chart, at a more than respectable fifth place.
Gene’s new single ‘Me and my guitar”, which is one of the toppertjes of popular music, a Love for music, and after more than 2 months in a beautiful position at number 5 in the Ultratop 50 In Flanders. In addition, it announced that our Flemish “Bon Jovi” recently a spectacular live show at Antwerp’s Stadsschouwburg theatre, and on Saturday, the 6th of november, 2021.

If, in the summer of 2020 will be a normal summer, then you are Beyond no doubt put on a lot of stages. The coronaproblematiek decided that this year was different about the past few weeks, we will all accept that large-scale events and meetings this summer, we will not be able to continue. A missed opportunity for a lot of Belgian artists, and, therefore, Gene Thomas, the fans and the general public will have all of these wonderful new songs from ‘for the Love of music and many great hits, not to be able to do.

But he is not to sit still. “This summer, however, to meet the demand for performances in the past few weeks of creative thinking. The Covid-19 is in a crisis, we are now looking for a ‘good to think’ with the virus, and the limitations of it. We have to be realistic and understand that public performances by large groups of people is a big risk to our health and treatment. A small and intimate concertopzet would be a possible alternative could be” said Gene Thomas.