Breaks-The-Weeknd Ultratoprecord by Fixkes?

20aab5077b63b82382f76fe66038b2fe - Breaks-The-Weeknd Ultratoprecord by Fixkes?

The song “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, is a oorwurm with a vengeance, and I will know about it. This past weekend, climbed up to the track for the third time at the top of the Ultratop 50. On the 25th of January of this year it was conquered by The Weeknd in the first place, and for the first time. Only in the winter it could be ‘Come a little closer’, the song “Blinding Lights” two times from the top position away. As The Weekend’s top spot at this weekend’s regained, the ‘Blinding Lights’, with 16 weeks at the top, same with the Fixkes’ ‘Kvraagetaan’ at 2 in the ranking, from the longest to the 1 quoted-hits-ever. The only ‘Dance, Monkey of Apps, And I did so with 17 weeks to 1 is even better.