Valencia surprised by the ‘infected’ Gasperini: “People are in danger’

a24ee01f32a0bf1b77d6fc9e6e800bc8 - Valencia surprised by the 'infected' Gasperini: "People are in danger'

Valencia surprised by the ‘infected’ Gasperini: “People are in danger’

01 June-2020 09:51 am
01-06-20 09:51 am
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Valencia has been unpleasantly surprised by the utterance of Gian Piero Gasperini. The coach of Atalanta, in Bergamo, told the Sunday in the Italian media that he will be in march during the uefa Champions League match between the two clubs, sat on the bench while he was infected with the corona virus.

The line between the Valencia region and in this Context the City on march 10, completed behind closed doors, because of the corona virus as a lot around her. Gasperini revealed on Sunday that he was engaged in during the match, very sick feeling. It was Later that he tested positive for the virus.

According to the Valencia Gasperini is therefore irresponsible. “We want to give to our surprise, about to comment”, says the club in an official statement. “He knew that he was suffering from the symptoms, however, no preventive measures have been taken.”