True Meiland surprised by the parents

f52b06602ea92cbfd75575f8425fc926 - True Meiland surprised by the parents

In the Chateau all the guests are now gone: the whole of France is at this moment. It can, and it is Montana, usa from the Netherlands and her family have to travel in a private plane. They come just at the right time in order for the dishwasher to be repaired. Just as well, because One had almost bought a new one as they are just to save money.

Now that the travel has been banned by the corona, a financial crisis, all the reservations will be cancelled.

House for Nadège
In this episode of What Maxim will teach Claire how she should be dressing in, because they all need to be able to their brand new school. It’s still not totally fine, but for True satisfaction.

Also, True to its parent’s One, and She will surprise you with a dinner, and there is also on offer to guests are a must, they are really up to the job, and that they will never have to cook. Finally, it goes to the family of a potential new home for Nadège, so that they are closer to the Chateau to live in.

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