The Radio 2 summer Hit: Who wants to take the next few weeks-peaks!

d7b21bd212730d4b8821d8ad0507b03f - The Radio 2 summer Hit: Who wants to take the next few weeks-peaks!

Due to the corona virus until the end of August, all mass events are banned. Not a Radio 2 Hit of the Blankenberge marina, but several sources are reporting that ” the largest families, with One working on an alternative solution.

On the form, the content and the location is even thought about, but on Sunday, the 16th of August, is the most important music prize of the summer, anyway, has been issued and that is good news for Regi Penxten. He was several times nominated, but he still can’t win. After the “for the Love of Music’ with Jake, Reese, and O, and their gold,” Come a little closer’-the single is currently the number one favourite, but oh.a. The Starlings, Another Thomas, John Destadsbader, Loïc Nottet, Lost Frequencies, the Netherlands Meskens, Stan Van Samang, Bazart, Ibe, Selah Sue, Sasha & Davy, and Hit-recordhoudster, Belle Perez, who for the first time to an English-Speaking, single out, he has some fierce competition.

“Anon, is that the list of candidates is still too long, because it has never been so busy in my studio over the last few weeks. In the corona, the quarantine is over, and now we are again allowed to move, there will be a massive amount of new music,” says a well-known producer of the album.