Frances Lefebure likes to buy used clothing

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Frances Lefebure in co-operation with the Bel & Bo, her first collection on the market. ‘Bel & Bo is a warm, family-owned Belgian company, and they are concerned with man and society,” reveals the 31-year-old host of TV’s Family. And this was at the beginning is of utmost importance.

The nice Gent, that’s what she likes to used clothing to buy. “A T-shirt that costs 400 euros, because it’s by Dolce & Gabbana: no, thank you,” sounds like it’s firmly in Frances Lefebure. “I bought it once for a perfect fit and vintage highwaist shorts in light denim, for three euros in a secondhand shop, Think Twice. However, after more than ten years old, I’m even mad that pair of pants,” says Frances Lefebure.