June is the wrong month to Qmusic

b80d5e00f2ed4da3d23dfb0b05131ecc - June is the wrong month to Qmusic

For the month of may has come to an end in June to make its voice heard, and, traditionally, it is the end of a line to the Wrong Party by QMusic. Unfortunately, the party in Ghent this year, but QMusic provides a complete month’s a long time to extraveel the wrong music. On Monday, between 9 and 19 hours to bring in Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe for ten hours, the wrong songs on the radio. Singing, or crying is allowed, it is also allowed to use for a wrong way to dance to it.
And, as in previous years, it is once again this year, a 3cd with the wrong date.