16-year-old Urban Princess on the way to the Belgian’s Hip-Hop throne!

16-year-old Urban Princess on the way to the Belgian's Hip-Hop throne!

Every year, OBSERVERS are looking to the music of the urban talent of tomorrow through the Urbanice battle of the talents. Anyone could enroll in as well as the five selected artists showed up yesterday for their work, from which one winner was awarded a prize by the panel of judges. That judging panel was made up of the best of the Flemish urban world this year that the rapper and singer TheColorGrey, urban, producer, Chuki, and Urbanice DJ Masai and DJ Lady S., She went in search of the urban-music talent of tomorrow”.
In the final, blew a 16-year-old Dina Ayada anyone down with a superb performance from the powerful, self-written song, on the Surface, and crowned himself as the new princess of the Flemish Hip-Hop Scene.
“We are unanimous in reaching a decision had come. No one is fighting over the table and crawled inside. Dina was only sixteen, and already able to perform. This is very impressive!” Property is a member of the jury in The Color Grey

Dina Ayada did it in 2015, along with ” The Voice Kids, where she is in the semi-finals kicked off. She is also an actress, and her musical examples DaniLeigh, and a Lil Baby.