Valerie De Booser: ‘Carl, will always be a part of my life’

Valerie De Booser: 'Carl, will always be a part of my life'

“I have a very, very long and very hard, apart, of course. Panic attacks, can’t sleep, don’t eat it. Everything you need in it”. The word Was that The Booser that Nina, in the appendix of The Latest News in her first interview since the separation, with Koen Wauters provides.

A little over three months ago, it took the duo on a night out with the message that their marriage is over and dead. The two were one and the food well thought out, at least that is what they are. “It’s pretty annoying when you put together a press release, writing, straight from the heart, and that you are specifically asking to keep us in the peace process which is to be processed. And it’s not to be respected.”
For a short period of time after the news popped up with the message that it Was possible for someone else to have something they quickly denied. “I think it’s a shame that one of the things it starts to write to it. I was there, none of this may be picking up, but I have been in all these years, not one”, he laughs, Was, in Nina’s. “If there are hoaxes doing the rounds, is that, in a way offensive. I know better, the group knows best, and all those who are in our close circle, that is.”

Now She really is a friend and join us for the first time, to read. “I rediscovered myself. It all takes place very naturally. My mom was with my family during holidays and the for the night? But to be honest? I’d prefer to have some alone time with us will be held. But the press had found out, and then you have two things to do: play a game and deny it, or to just give in. Well, it is what it is.”

The break-up with Koen, it was a heavy blow. “It was never part of the plan. You Had me for a couple of years ago predicted it? I would never have said it. Neither of us has wanted to see it coming. Carl and I are and will always be each other’s great love.”
And yet, the two are from each other. “Because it’s ” op ” it was. And then you have to continue on without each other, no matter how hard and heavy it is. Sometimes, you can touch on if the heads are good out of a crisis, and one of them, but sometimes…. sometimes, though, the limit is reached.”