Jan Leyers close Watch-season

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Three of the guests. A very challenging position on an important issue. And Jan Leyers. With the ingredients and try to Watch clarity and exits to be found in the midst of the flood of issues and opinions that we have today about the us going to get it. In this latest installment, it’s the question of whether people who are not their children will be able to take care, however, shall have the right to have children.
A violent father and drug-addicted mothers

In Flanders, each year thousand of cases of child abuse have been reported. That is, there are twenty-five per day. And when the appointment is-this moment increased, this figure was still as children, and abusive parents, all the days were together. This shows once again that children have no rights for everyone, ” says the N-VA member of parliament, She is home. Why should the government be heavily drug-addicted mothers, or fathers, a child might have been abused, you may be discouraged in order to even have a child. Think, for instance, to drug-addicted mothers, who are already some of the kids at birth and had to rehab it, and that has nothing to do with the situation.” Home is even, that is, a right of birth control as a condition for sentence remissions or parole.
Of course, this is for extreme cases, and you will be on a case-by-case review. However, we should not be naïve, ” says Van Peel. “It is a basic principle of our welfare system is that all of the parents mean well by their children, but some of it won’t be able to do’. Anyone who is in the rescue work, knowing very well that this is not the case.
Home has many years of volunteer work done with the children placed there. “The children were already broken when they arrive. You have the foundations in the first year of life were laid.”

Compared to Stay home is Joost, Colorful, and one of Flanders ‘ best-known street workers. He is diametrically opposed to the very idea that the government can impose upon those who are children should be getting. He finds this to be an attack on the most vulnerable sectors of society.