Criminals are considered to be in the Family

Criminals are considered to be in the Family

And have the killers rather the game be in the Family? In front was pushing last year, Marie, a cliff-top Florianne killed a prostitute, Alex… the Two found their lives to be saved, and are still at large.

“In real life, I would have loved to have that picture in Front of and Florianne are caught and punished,” said creative producer, Wim, Feyaerts in the Family. “But on the screen it is not like that.” Viewers enjoy after all of the bad guys.

Feyaerts, and refers to Dallas where JR Ewing even with everything off. The viewers were able to live because of its character and colour of the line. And this is also the case in the Front.

The murder of Marie, and remains as a sword of Damocles over in Front to hang. Will it ever come true? To reveal A and Véronique, where she is witness to them. “That’s what makes it exciting,” says Wim Feyaerts. “It is currently more important than the desire for the rule of law.”

Although is also the creative producer of the Family to ensure that justice ultimately will triumph. “However, the story lines have not yet been uitverteld.” Wait in Front, then still in prison? To be continued…