A neighbor comes out with a new single, ‘in The spring, didn’t

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Pre-Treater was a Neighbor’s front man, Geert Verdickt, not only to tour with a successful album, a Loner, a very successful trip with lots of filled rooms, a tour that, hopefully, this fall may continue.

In the meantime, he does not sit still, and he took his brand new single ‘in The spring, didn’t on a stop-over with the band, as well as the video clip is from one’s own side, it is made of.

Geert Verdickt, the front man of a Neighbour: “in the Middle of march, I got in one day from four different people in one and the same poem will be emailed to you. It’s made the round on the internet, and it was a hopeful poem. Beauty. Simple. A poem that was written by a woman from Italy, the Recuperation Search. She wrote in the corona, crisis-go when in the country of destination. It came to me, and I felt like I was there with what I had to go with the text. In one way or the other. In one way or another.”