Which pair will win the Lego Masters by 2020?

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To the best of LEGO builders from the Netherlands and Belgium spent the last 7 weeks, with a fairy-tale world come to life. That is, their constructions of the imagination-defying, it is evident from the huge success of both the series and the home challenge. On average, 816.843 fans have watched in the home, accounting for a market share of 37,7% in VVA 18-54, and as much as 48% of the younger target audience to VVA 18-44. More than 31,000 people, and the children performed with full devotion to the thuisopdrachten out from the Kürt Rogiers, which results in stunning photos and videos that have been posted.

In the final on Saturday, 30 may at 20.25 fight 3 teams and compete against each other, of which 1 is a Flanders pair: Bilzenbaar Late (40’s), and Ieperling Corneel (21) to build all of the bridge-more than 160 kg, is able to bear, but knowing is never expected to be in the final pick up. “We had no expectations of getting. In each episode, the action was good. The title of the LEGO Masters and, in their name, to write it down, in the 25,000-to-win, and a trip to the LEGO House in Denmark, they have 2 of the cast-iron Dutch couple under the table in construction.

The students of Jos and martin, both 21, would never have thought of so far to go. “But now that we’re here, we want to be the semi-finals, just a win”. To the ex-partner John (29), and Lola (31), however, have a cool job and a half. “We are ex-lovers. She has the house taken, I was in the LEGO. And now that we’re here, together, in the final game. Regardless of whether we win it or not, the LEGO Masters and, for me, is already the pinnacle of my relationship with Her”, it sounds lovely.