Music suggestions for the weekend

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Every Friday, we provide you with quite a few musical tips for the weekend to come. At this time, we have a (brand new) the music of, among others, broeder Dieleman, Rosalía, and Deerhoof.

Rosalía and Marshall, Scott

The Spanish Rosalía is well on the way to being a superstar-to-be. This is a new single that will definitely contribute to this as none other than Travis Scott, is its musical score.

Thom Yorke

Sonos did Thom Yorke learn to play as a host to a Sonos Radio station. His is also a playlist for that. Who has the interests of Yorke, a little bit, or before he has made them, and listening to know that there are a lot of good and unusual to find. Even for the music lover with a broad taste, there is probably still something new to hear.

The list is called, In the Absence Thereof,…, v1, and includes music from artists like Holly Herndon, James Blake, Little Simz, Thee Oh Sees, Duke Ellington, and Colin Stetson.

New album releases

There are a lot of great new albums released this week. The main release is, of course, is that Lady Gaga, who is a very popplaat has been made, however, with our tips, we want to get more in depth and not for the most obvious tips to get. Therefore, the steps with


Release of Medhane out of Brooklyn, brings a high-tempo albums. This is, again, the number 3 and in the 1-year period of time. Cold Water is her best album. Here, everything seems to be in place to be covered. The production will include a delicious, soul – and-jazzsamples, and in his writings, has Medhane’ve got something to tell you.

Jade Hairpins

This band is made up of two members of the Fucked-Up: Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk. The two are regular songs that don’t fit in the vein of Fucked Up. Again, this has to be the case. The music is what lomer and easier than that of the two used to be.

broeder Dieleman

broeder Dieleman is, in my opinion, one of the most under-rated bands in the Netherlands. This new album proves, Tonnie Dieleman and his band, once again, the uniqueness of the sound of a brother, Dieleman, it is. Each album is a little bit different, but the basics remain the same. The use of poetic texts in the so-called Zeeuws-Flanders, often with a sparse but effective musical accompaniment. Until, suddenly, the tropical-dancing Song of the reed is right now.


The expirimentele rock band Deerhoof will take you to their new album, along with a number of interesting pieces. The music, struggles, squeaks, and creaks. The rhythms are what you want, and the guitars are rock solid. The uniqueness of the band, you can hear it in the last issue, I Call on the Tea and what a wonderful arrangement of a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach.