BSO products launched to the market concert’, a Musical in your room’

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We’re all still here in our side of… The day to day life, in some sectors, is already back to start, but in the cultural sector, it will have to wait a little longer. Business and musicalproducenten have two choices: wait or take action. The producer of BSO productions of The Last Five Years, Bonnie&Clyde, Legally Blonde,…) is selected in advance for the latter. For the support of the Flemish musicalartiesten launches the producer’s new project: a MUSICAL IN YOUR ROOM. A live-streamed concert, where the audience is in for just $ 10 you can enjoy three of the artists (Hans Peter Janssens, Elke Buyle, Michael Meyer), and live accompanied by a comboband of the five musicians.

On Friday, June 19, 2020 from 20: 30, a concert is a live track from Hans Peter Janssens, Elke Buyle, and Michael Meyer. They will be accompanied by live one comboband of the five musicians. The concert will take place with respect to the social distancing, and will be broadcast live from the music. As the concert is recorded live and mixed as it was during a live performance, the audience at home get the best possible sound. The concert lasts about 1.5 hours and it includes the best songs from the (musical)music of the three singers.

Through the ticket shop of the buy the audience with a ticket like that at a live show would be like. Each ticket costs $ 10, and convert the customer to a list of invited guests for the evening. The customers are given a secret YouTube link and forwarded, via e-mail. The link will take them directly to the live stream, which kicks off on Friday, June 19, at about 20: 30. To the public, the concert is over, that the market will follow, at the time of the concert, or delayed viewing.
Before the commencement of the action, we are asking tradition to the public in order not to be filmed or photographed, out of respect for the artists and the box. At this time, we are asking our audience to make the link do not have to share it with you, out of respect for the artists and the box. This show allows our audience to interact with the artists through a live chat feature. This allows them to songs, dedicate it to the people who have them and a warm heart.