Art of Louis Neefs contain asbestos

669003cf5c9730e5509858e18f6050cd - Art of Louis Neefs contain asbestos

In the tivoli park in Mechelen is a work of art by Louis Neefs. The singer has released the design to the time of his death in it. After his death, the work of art, is also effective, but it was many years of languishing. According to the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen the town of Mechelen is definitely the work of art, totally going to go. Because of the work of art, a basis of asbestos it contains, it will never come back. As it is, this year, more than 40 years ago, is that of Louis and his wife perished, there would have been commissioned to make a piece of art for him to create it. That a work of art, it would be next year, somewhere in the city to be placed