The ultimate showdown at the final campfire

The ultimate showdown at the final campfire

During the two weeks that they are a separate setting, the couples, more than in the past to keep their relationship at a distance, and to draw your own conclusions. The dreamdate it was the ultimate opportunity for the leaders to make a last attempt to bring their prey to the snares.

Arda: “I’ve done it and look behind it, even though it was fucked up of me.” Arda showed itself completely, it’s purely a feeling. “And that’s when it felt right….”, stop responding to him.

Friday night, they have to take leave of the single, and the couples are reunited with their partner at the last campfire. Each and every, ” You’re really broke.’ In a confrontation, where everyone is eagerly looking forward to. Simone: “I’m not going to fail you for a while, because you’re still a fuckboy.’

They get to be Right: “I’ve had enough of what I don’t like it. I think that we are in the last few months, have a very good relationship, but there is still a lot of old problems. The pictures I have seen it done, and then you had to have absolutely no respect for each other. You make me a fool.’

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