The farmer Seeks Wife, Jan, and She is in quarantine

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Bad luck for john, and She, from a Farmer Seeks a Wife. The two of them are for a period of three weeks in the quarantine, to which it writes the weekly ” Tv in the Family this week.

Jan, and She got to meet in ‘Farmer Seeks Wife’ in the know’. The two were so in love that he decided to get to Australia and go back to our country. Currently, Jan works as a dairyman, She is a x-ray technician.
“While we are on the advice of their doctor, or, three weeks in quarantine to go. John and I have been sick. It was a typical corona signs. It was kind of a shock, that’s for sure, And because there were too few tests were available, we do not know whether we have the virus and had to have it. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But don’t worry, we don’t feel good again,” says She, in a Tv Family.

The two had a great time. Since the weather was nice enough, could have charlie and She in their garden and take care of. “We feel like we are the king in our home. We are still in the building, with a view to selling it later on. After all, we are looking for a larger boerderijk”, you hear the sound of it.