Actors ‘ Family’s counting down to Tuesday

Actors ' Family's counting down to Tuesday

Next Tuesday, the pictures of ‘Friends’ after a break of almost three months, from the start. There will once again be hugged and kissed each other on the set of ‘the Family’ and the ‘circle of life’. The two actors take each other on in their bubble, and it’s pretty amazing to see.

It will be on Tuesday the weather turned to be at the AED Studios in Lint. There has been over the past few days, everything is in readiness for the shooting, in a safe way.
Over the past few days have been some of the actors are already in the Ribbon is passed through in order to be ready for the start of the recording. Most of them have to be at the hairdresser to get rid of their coronacoupe. And that happens to be in the safest of conditions.