Studio albums of ABBA once again on vinyl

3a42be40f57bde7652e66076f211fb62 - Studio albums of ABBA once again on vinyl

It normally displays this year, a new piece of music, from ABBA, and that was a long time ago. The fans are in fact, for a long time that a new musical work. However, for the time being, appears at the beginning of July, a box set of 8 lp’s of the group first.

In the 8 years that ABBA existed (1973-1981), and made 8 copies. The four did, and in this period of time, to become one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They dominated the charts in the ‘ 70s and the early 80s, and redefined the boundaries of pop music. Each album has brought their amazing and artistic progress in the map.

For decades after their last release, but it is The Visitors from the 1981, were inspired in their music many of the musicians after them, and took from one of the world’s most successful musicals ever, and the 2 movies, and theme restaurants. In Stockholm, the ABBA museum and the record number of visitors.